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St Kilda Pier Kiosk

St Kilda Pier Kiosk


St Kilda, VIC


Parks Victoria


Parks Victoria


Lovell Chen

Contract Type

Construct Only


Project value


Months to build




  • Restrictive Site Access
  • Existing Structure Works
  • Remediation & Conservation Works
  • Matching Existing Building Fabrics
  • Imperial Measurements Utilised
  • Works in Close Proximity to Marine Environment

This one-of-a-kind project involved rebuilding the much loved St Kilda Pier Kiosk after the original building was burnt down in a fire in 2003.

The brief for the new building was very specific in that it had to be a faithful reproduction of the original Edwardian building, right down to using imperial measurements. The specifications were particularly descriptive so the timber size, shape, and profile exactly matched the original construction documentation. Using fragments saved from the conflagration and reference to documentary sources, the building was reconstructed to its former glory.

To ensure commercial viability, the new building was designed with a discrete new section to the rear, housing a restaurant and bistro, with a viewing deck above. The focus was the precise reconstruction coupled with the reinterpretation of the original much-loved icon and its integration with the contemporary addition.

The project presented many challenges in the form of sourcing materials, precise machining of timbers, difficult concrete pouring conditions, and poor weather conditions – as the majority of the construction work was completed during the wetter winter months. Access to the underside of the pier was also difficult. A boat had to be used for the installation of the hydraulic services and electrical mains work – needless to say, this was only achievable outside of rough sea days.


The Rechabite

Streat HQ

St. Mary’s House of Welcome