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Services & Capabilities


Our breadth of experience over the years means we’ve worked in all major industry sectors, including government and private sector clients.

Our top priority is to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations – no matter the project.

To do this, we focus on fostering relationships that will stand the test of time, while delivering the same consistent McCorkell quality. With many of our projects being repeat business, our client satisfaction speaks for itself.

Over the last 95 years of business, we’ve seen how the success of a project relies on planning and communication. So, we’ve taken this time to refine our systems and processes, making them adaptable to all types of construction.

We can provide services under a variety of contractual requirements including fixed lump sum, design and construct, construction management, and early contractor involvement. No matter the procurement method, your project is in safe hands.

At McCorkell, we consider construction to be a service industry and it’s what sets us apart.

At McCorkell, we consider construction to be a service industry and it’s what sets us apart.

Construct Only Contracts

Our rich history has honed our skills, sharpened our abilities and taught us how to succeed. Over the years, we’ve worked on projects that have challenged us and pushed us to think outside the box in terms of innovation and execution. It’s not always easy, but that’s why we do what we do. Working together to bring a vision to life is what drives us – and with our perseverance, we’ll get the job done.

Design & Construct (D&C)

Our internal design management resources and collective experience mean we understand the intricacies of these kinds of projects and know how to deliver them successfully. We’ll collaborate with key design consultants and bring value to the design phase thanks to our diverse experience across the industry. By approaching D&C projects holistically with the build in mind, we can make sure we achieve the best project outcome.

Early Contractor Involvement

Following our ethos of relationship contracting, we offer ECI services so clients can utilise our abundant design and construction experience. When we’re brought in early during a project, we’ll help make positive impacts on quality, time, cost and buildability. We’ve been engaged by repeat clients time and time again due to this collaborative, structured and transparent process. Interested? Reach out for a copy of our ECI framework.


Conservation Consultancy

Working with buildings of historical significance can be a challenge. From setting up site sheds right through to completion, there are a number of complexities and intricacies to consider along the way. Our extensive experience in the heritage sector means we can provide critical buildability input, helping to create thoughtful design solutions and minimise the impact to operations around the works.

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