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Maritime Galleries

Maritime Shipwreck Galleries


Fremantle, WA


Dept. of Finance


Spotless Facilities


Palassis Architects

Contract Type

Construct Only


Project value


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  • Restrictive Site Access
  • Existing Structure Works
  • Staged Project Delivery
  • Significant Heritage & Conservation Works

The contract scope included the reroofing of the heritage listed building and removal of asbestos from the roof cavity. This procedure required a scaffold deck to be erected to access all the internal roof spaces. McCorkell Construction WA applied precaution in the form of plastic lining to the erected deck, to prevent further asbestos contamination.

Externally, full height scaffold was erected to all facades, which were subsequently painted, stonework repointed and steel window grilles restored. In addition, a mechanical service upgrade was completed to the roof mounted fans. The project was located in the heart of Fremantle and situated only 100m from the ocean. Traffic and unforgiving Indian Ocean weather conditions including high winds affected reroofing works. Weather forecasting for this project was critical and tie-down procedures were implemented to ensure worker safety and facility protection.

Many artefacts were immoveable and construction works had to continue around them. Scaffolding was required to be cantilevered over the Batavia Shipwreck, which was contained within an air locked room. This gave rise to another issue of maintaining operation of the mechanical services whilst simultaneously performing upgrades. Continued mechanical operation was required to keep humidity levels within strict parameters in order to preserve the wreck. McCorkell Constructions coordinated a staged handover with museum personnel which allowed the museum to re-open as early as possible.


Fremantle Town Hall

The Rechabite

Armadale District Hall