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Nightingale Apartments Fremantle

Nightingale Apartments Fremantle


Fremantle, WA


Fini Sustainability


Verum Group Pty Ltd


EHDO Architecture

Contract Type

Construct Only


Project value


Months to build




  • Restrictive Site Access
  • Environmentally Sustainable Design
  • 9.5 NatHERS Star Rating
  • Close Proximity to Surrounding Residents & Businesses

The Nightingale Apartments nestled in Fremantle’s Knutsford Precinct is one of Western Australia’s most sustainable residential developments. Constructed with sustainability in mind, this multi-residential building delivers an impressive 9.5 NatHERS Star Rating and a long-term net zero emission footprint. The award-winning Nightingale model includes a passive heating and cooling design, shared community spaces and a self-supporting solar system.

Each of the fifteen designer apartments offers ample living space and natural light, while the two commercial tenancy spaces provide convenient amenities for residents. In addition to its eco-friendly construction, the development serves as a model for urban living by fostering a sense of community among its residents. The communal roof terrace and gardens offer a green oasis in the heart of the city, encouraging social interaction for those living in the complex. Incorporating an urban aesthetic, the development harmoniously blends with its industrial surroundings while prioritising eco-friendly design principles. The development features exposed concrete ceilings, timber and cork flooring, standing seam cladding and integrated recycled materials. Parking facilities have also been thoughtfully designed, ensuring adequate space for both cars and bicycles, and incorporating electric vehicle charging stations to further promote sustainability.

Our team played a pivotal role in ensuring the design resolution and coordination led to a sustainable and functional outcome for the project. By closely collaborating with stakeholders and leveraging our expertise, we have established a new standard for eco-friendly urban developments in Western Australia.


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